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In 1998 Iliaz Iliazi travelled to London to pursue his career as a bespoke shoemaker. He quickly found a job working for the notorious Kypros (Gino) Spyrou and his son Spyros Spyrou of The Little Shoe Box as the "finisher" for 5 years.

After The Little Shoe Box shut its doors in 2003 Iliaz decided to take over the world famous, extreme fetish shop and reopened as Ilias Little Shoe Box in 2005. Iliaz now works with designer and pattern cutter, Tabitha Ringwood, to design and create custom shoes for their growing customer base.


As well as still making the classic LSB style of shoes, Iliaz went on to cobble for shoe designer Kira Goodey, Charles Jeffrey and more.


He is well known in the performance industry, creating shoes for performers such as ABBA, Ruby Ruby, Roxy D’Lite, Miss Tosh and Mistress Tokyo to name a few.​



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