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Shoe Making Courses

We’re very excited to offer a new Fetish Shoe Making Course – the first of its kind in Europe…maybe even the World! Join us for a two day, three day, or four day intensive workshop at our studio in North London, where you will be taught how to cut, stitch and craft your very own shoes!

During the course you will be provided with all the materials needed to build your shoes including loan of the last, components and tools with full use of our specialist machinery under the guidance of two experienced shoemakers. With patience and care - Iliaz Iliazi and Tabitha Ringwood will meticulously present and instruct you on how to complete each stage of your chosen shoe making process.

By the end of the course you will be taking home a pair of your very own sexy shoes – made and crafted by your own hands!


Sizes available from UK2 – UK13

Meet The Team

ILIAZ ILAZI - Specialist in Bespoke Feitsh shoe making, Lasting, Making & Finishing. 

TABITHA RINGWOOD - Specialist in Footwear Design, Pattern Cutting, Clicking & Closing

In 1998 Iliaz Iliazi travelled to London to pursue his career as a bespoke shoemaker. He quickly found a job working for the notorious Kypros (Gino) Spyrou and his son Spyros Spyrou of The Little Shoe Box as the "finisher" for 5 years.​

After The Little Shoe Box shut its doors in 2003 Iliaz decided to take over the world famous, extreme fetish shop and reopened as Ilias Little Shoe Box in 2005. Ilia now works with designer and pattern cutter, Tabitha Ringwood, to design and create custom shoes for their growing customer base.


Ilias Little Shoe Box is well known in the performance industry, creating shoes for performers such as Dita Von Teese, Rita Ora, Elton John, Roxy D’Lite, Miss Tosh, Mistress Tokyo, Mistress Lucilla, Abba and artist ‘Sylvester’ – Janet Mayer

The team have also produced bespoke footwear for costume departments at renowned London museums, the MET in NYC and theatres worldwide.

With their culmination of skills, their enthusiasm for unique shoe design and their love of their craft, the ILSB duo are incredibly excited to share their expertise with students on these inspiring, informative and fun workshops.

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